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I Booked It!!!

Aug 31, 2013 - Booked a National Honda Commercial!!! ...No, you didn't read that wrong.. NATIONAL!!!!! Cannot thank you enough for teaching me pretty much everything I know about acting :). Let's keep the ball rolling!!

Jul 28, 2013 - Hey Billy....so Criminal Minds have brought be back for the second episode of the season..I am very excited to have a reoccuring role and I just have say that after being on set numerous times and working with the regular cast, they are all working in a manner that comes from the foundation of what you are teaching...Thanks so much for the amazing guidance...!!!

Jul 27, 2013 - I booked a supporting role as "Bill" for a new media web series called "The Greatest American Race". The film received an Award of Excellence at the Indie Fest for webseries.

One of the producers was in my class at W.C.I. Studios and says she wrote the role of "Bill" with me in mind. But I have to credit Billy for his outstanding coaching and suggestions which always make the scene "real". You're the best Billy!

Ken Parratt

Jul 13, 2013 - Hey Billy....I booked a Co-Starring role on Criminal Minds..! The episode is the first of the fall season..Start shooting on Monday..I could not have booked this without your amazing guidance..! Thanks for everything...

Jun 26, 2013 - I'm "over the moon" excited that I booked my first feature film today!! Woooohoooo! I can't wait to shoot it! I've been on cloud nine since the audition last week because after the audition, the writer walked me out, offered me a handshake and said..."You know you nailed it, right?" I smiled and replied, "I felt good about what I did, thanks!" It's amazing how things work out when you don't care about the outcome and just go in having fun! Thank you, Billy, for your patience and for doing what you do to help us grow in our craft of acting! XOXOXO

Jan 6, 2013 - I just shot a promotional video for a new product introduction which will be shown at the CES show in Las Vegas. The role called for a "motherly, wise business woman" and I auditioned via email through a demo video. They liked my demo video on Thursday, I booked it on Friday and had a great shoot today! Many thanks.

Jan 4, 2013 - Selah Joy booked a PetCo Commercial and a large recurring co-star role on a TV comedy pilot called "Ms Education"!

Oct 9, 2012 - So proud of Ashleigh's work in this SAG film project "Flare" for Rides.TV

Ashleigh is the daughter, Anna, in a post apocalyptic world. Very dramatic role. Thanks so much Billy for all your help getting her through the audition and several callbacks. The Emmy winning production team were so thrilled with her work.
Here is a link to the trailer.


Oct 7, 2012 - Selah Joy booked a Go-gurt Commercial! So excited!!!

Jul 22, 2012 - Booked and shot an episode for a web series entitled "Elevator Xchange". I am forever grateful for your help and guidance! Where would I be without WCI Studios!? ...Here's to many more bookings to come! :D

Jul 22, 2012 - Booked and shot an episode for a web series entitled "Elevator Xchange". I am forever grateful for your help and guidance! Where would I be without WCI Studios!? ...Here's to many more bookings to come! :D

May 17, 2012 - Yay! Ashleigh shot her first SAG National Commercial for Shriners Children's Hospitals last week. It should start airing this Summer(2012).

Apr 13, 2012 - Billy!!!! I just signed with Berman/Sacks Talent Agency for Commercial Representation. You're awesome as always!

Mar 23, 2012 - Hi Billy,
Your classes create magic! Who would have thought by coming to class I would meet with Nicole Franco and book a Lead role on one of her productions for Rock Films ?! The project is called "Morning After" and it is directed by Christopher Francis.

Thank you Billy for making it happen - you are an awesome and amazing teacher!


Feb 13, 2012 - Hey Billy! Booked and filmed an improv style interview for the tv show "The Doctors".

Nov 19, 2011 - Booked a webisode, Inside Room 334! In retrospect, the audition was so easy because I just went with my feelings at the time...just like Billy says to do! When its effortless, you know it's right! Funny thing is I was not happy that I got a callback, I preferred to just get cast, but then the callbacks were cancelled, and then they weren't. In the end, I got cast without a callback! Woohoo! Shooting next week and I can't wait! I love doing film projects and I have Billy to thank... for his patience, wisdom and insight toward helping me grow and gain the confidence needed to do this crazy business. Love you, Billy!

Nov 5, 2011 - Hey Billy - I just got a call from Fred Comrie, the Executive Producer on the film "Sports Heaven" and they want me to shoot an additional scene in the film. Major motion picture, major stars (Christopher Lloyd, Tony Sirico) and they wrote another scene just for me?!? I've been told to expect the film will be ready to roll out in about three months. I also learned that in addition to the Larry Bock's editing (The Mighty Ducks, The Santa Clause, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead), original music is being scored by David Kitay (Scary Movie, Look Who's Talking, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, Bad Santa). Since I've studied with you exclusively over the past decade, I'm laying the credit at your feet. Thanks for everything Billy.

Aug 22, 2011 - Hi Billy!

Booked the lead in a short film after you coached me for the audition.

Also booked a college play on friday! The right side of my brain came aliveeeeeeee during my improv audition and the director was cracking up!


Aug 19, 2011 - A little late for the booking (June), but I did want to share that I shot a great big juicy supporting scene with Tony Sirico (The Sopranos) in which I play an attorney who blows a gasket during a press conference. It's in an upcoming kid's comedy feature film called "Sports Heaven".

Then today I got a call from the executive producer sharing the news that Christopher Lloyd has signed on to the project in a starring role, and Larry Bock (The Santa Clause, The Mighty Ducks, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead) will be doing the editing.

I'm not always an easy student, Billy, but I owe all my skills as a confident, competent actor to your incredible skills and insight as a teacher.

The film is slated for release in early 2012. You can bet you'll be getting the first comp!

Jun 18, 2011 - BILLY!!! I booked a Lead in a low budget SAG indie feature (filming in August in LA) and USC Thesis Film as Lead (filming in July, which the casting director applauded me for my audition). I have been hip-pocketed by APA and am now being considered for representation with VCA (Vincent Cirrincione and Associates) Management. I am THRILLED with the growth I made in such a short time; I look forward to moving on with more progress in your amazing teachings!!!!

Jun 8, 2011 - Billy Billy Billy..Wow what a year it has been since our last class..I have booked some great commercials ,international and local, but Im most proud of the film work that i have done. One of my shorts got into Caan and the other has booked me jobs without auditioning!! Im working on my first feature film project as the lead. We are filming thru the summer and should be done some time in August. I want to thank you for lassoing my eyebrows and making this dream a reality. Couldn't of done this without you. Thank you thank you!!

Apr 28, 2011 - Billy,
This has been an amazing year for me, after all of the very hard work that I put in. I just got done filming a lead role in a feature film made by The Asylum. It's called "2012: Ice Age" and it will be on Netflix and in stores June 28th. A reenactment TV show episode that I played a big part in just aired April 29th on Animal Planet. I have 2 commercials running (CCM Ice Hockey Gear) and (Chrysler/Mopar), as well as a PSA for California Highway Patrol. To top it off, I just got signed by a great agency (Lewis & Beal), and by an amazing manager (Melody at Starbright Talent Management). I definitely could not have done any of this without you. You've guided me since I started acting, and with a combination of your training, business techniques, and my own hard work, this has been possible. I can only imagine where my career will take me text, but it's looking like it can only go up from here.

Apr 6, 2011 - I booked a supporting role as Grace in an independent short called "Vengeful Silence." I really wanted this part because I knew it would showcase my talent to cry on queue. At the audition, I asked myself THE question...How do I feel? I was scared and used that feeling to my advantage. Later, I learned from the director that I blew everyone else out of the water. We shot part of it two weekends go and will finish it sometime in the Summer. Thank you, Billy, for helping me to accept myself and know that I am enough!!

Mar 25, 2011 - BILLY!! Cannot thank you enough for all of your guidance, time, and talent that helped prepare me for the road ahead! I just booked my very first guest starring role on HOUSE M.D....ONE OF MY FAVORITE TV SHOWS EVER!!! THANK YOU ENDLESSLY!!

Mar 11, 2011 - I just booked live appearances at several trade shows for "Humalog, Human Challenge" events in San Diego, Boston and Las Vegas. This is for a health company and I will act in scenarios in their booths at the shows. First audition, callback and booked!

Sep 28, 2010 - Hey Billy! I just booked an Old Navy Commercial for Fall/Winter 2010! Whohoo! Couldn't do this without you Billy- You have changed my acting life completely! Also set to star in upcoming film "The Members" and shooting webisode series called "Factions"- Make it rain! Thanks Billy!

Aug 21, 2010 - Just shot a tutorial for a language program in Los Angeles. To quote the client words: "You were great. Professional and efficient. Your delivery was fantastic."

Thanks Billy for making me feel more confident over the years in whatever I do in acting in either language French or English.

Aug 10, 2010 - Just shot my 6th MOR Furniture commercial yesterday!

Jul 31, 2010 - Booked a corporate industrial for Barton G Financial. Mostly singing and dancing, my forte, but we had to audition with monologues they had available. Being able to go in and read as "Who I am" and "How I'm feeling right now" made it very comfortable when I did them. They told me I had the job before I left the studio.

Jul 13, 2010 - Just booked and finished filming in L.A. an independent film, "Foreskin Intervention". Director and producer thought I was a great character! Thank you Billy for unleashing the "real me" (God help us!)!

Jul 2, 2010 - Billy, I booked a principle role in a SAG commercial for a company that makes ice hockey gear, so I am now SAG eligible! That was a big wish-come-true for me! At the callback, the director made very nice comments about how natural and subtle I am, and it's all thanks to you!

Jun 27, 2010 - Hi Billy, I took some time off to build my home for abused women and decided to start going on auditions a few months back. I went back over my notes on your teachings and I am pleased to say I landed 3 out of the 4 auditions I went out on. (UEI, Seaworld & Cox) Thanks for setting a "Lasting & SOLID Foundation" but most of all I appreciate your ability to bring out "my" belief system in who I am.

Thanks Billy for being who you are! See you soon!

Jun 22, 2010 - Billy, I booked and started filming a lead role in an indie film called "The Coat Check." It's directed by Will Hoppins of Simulated Productions. The film is a touching comedy with 2 stories that intersect. I play a punk kid who keeps pulling pranks and ends up ruining the other lead character's life without even knowing it. I'm glad to be a part of this project, and use what you taught me on every take!

Jun 21, 2010 - I booked a lead role in a really cool music video for The Pretenders! The song is called "If You Let Me In" and it's from their new album which is going to be released soon. The video was directed by Chris Marrs Piliero of Marrs Entertainment. It's based on a Swedish film called "Let The Right One In," and I play the kid who keeps getting bullied/beat up, and falls in love with a girl who ends up being a vampire and saves my life! It was shot at Atomic Studios and was one of my favorite projects to work on yet!

Jun 7, 2010 - I booked a pretty big role in a reenactment TV show episode on Animal Planet. I don't think I can discuss the name of the show yet because it's going to be released this fall. This role was very dramatic and such a great learning experience! I had so much fun at the shoot and the director really liked me as well. The audition went smooth because of the confidence I gained in your class! Thanks.

May 27, 2010 - Billy! I booked a role on Spike TV's "1000 Ways to Die" playing a Boy-Band Member... shooting next week. Going to be a lot of fun! Thanks for the tips on Auditioning and instilling me with the confidence I need to do this!!

May 18, 2010 - I booked a lead role in a pretty big short film with a famous Chinese pop star/actor who is transitioning into the American entertainment industry (Van Ness Wu). The film is directed by Daniel Zhao and is produced by Third Estate Media. It’s a really great script and an amazing crew, as well as the other actors.

May 14, 2010 - Booked an under 5 for TERRIERS, a new series for F/X shot in San Diego. Read for two different parts, ended up getting cast for a completely different part that got to read opposite the series star, Donal Logue. And, with this gig comes my AFTRA card. I know I haven't seen you in a while Billy, but obviously, your teaching has stuck with me! Cheers!

May 12, 2010 - I booked a lead role in a short student film at CSULA. It’s called “The Final Straw” and is directed by Stephen Root. In it, I play a high school kid named Jason who is nerdy and gets picked on. It’s a drama and will give me an opportunity to show quite a few different emotions. I’m excited to film it.

May 11, 2010 - I booked a principle part in a major fast food chain’s internet promotion campaign. I cannot give the name out yet but it is one of the biggest fast food places there is. I’m one of the people they have to show off their unique talents, and I do my tongue tricks. It was a great/professional shoot and everyone seemed to like me talent a lot! After the shoot, a lot of the crew/actors were taking pictures of my tongue and asking me questions about it. I love it!

May 5, 2010 - I booked a supporting role in a student film at The University Of La Verne called "Mr. Wolf And The Cerdo Bros."

May 4, 2010 - I booked and shot a lead role in a short indie film called "Acceptance," made by Breebot Productions. The director is Sabrina Fraijo. It was a good shoot, and I think the final product will come out nice!

Apr 30, 2010 - Just signed with Cindy Romano Modeling & Talent Agency for Commercial Representation!!! Thanks Billy! :-)

Apr 28, 2010 - I booked a part as a writer in a SDSU student film "Abeo" by Graham Nolte.
Felt really comfortable during the audition - thanks Billy!

Apr 24, 2010 - Just booked a print job for Illumina based on just my head shot. Without Billy's marketing class, I would have had no clue on how to get the right headshots & market myself

Apr 24, 2010 - I booked a rental home commercial in Orange County. The director told me to keep trusting my instincts during audition...huh...that concept should be so familiar to all of Billy's students....Just completed the filming last week. thanks Billy

Apr 24, 2010 - I booked a commercial through my agent for an east coast cable provider (brand name is confidential). We shot it at Paramount Studios, and it went great. I'm really excited because it's my first "big" commercial, and I hope to book a lot more soon!

Apr 4, 2010 - Just booked a starring role in a feature film called "After the Wizard" a Wizard of Oz spin off. I'll be the cowardly/courageous lion. We begin shooting next week in LA and Kansas.

Mar 28, 2010 - I booked and shot a small supporting role in a short film called "Untitled-1.wmv" by IDFUN Films. It's directed by Matthew Castro and is shot from a cell phone camera's perspective. I play the boyfriend of the main character and I get murdered by the guy filming with his camera phone. I thought it was an interesting idea for a film.

Feb 12, 2010 - Woo! I booked a feature length Indi Film as a Supporting role and will be filming at the end of summer. Thank you Billy!!

Jan 22, 2010 - I booked a commercial which shoots next Tuesday, 1/26 here in San Diego for a diabetes medicine (no, I don't have it!). Actually didn't have to do a live audition but the casting agent said the client loved my head shot and that I look like a "real person" which is what they were looking for.

Thanks Billy. Goes to show the importance of headshots and having
several diverse ones from which to choose!

Jan 20, 2010 - Billy,
My tongue booked me as a guest on The Tyra Banks Show! It will air sometime in February, so be on the lookout if you're interested! The filming was in New York, which was a lot of fun. I had to compete with someone for "most interesting tongue in America," and I won! Yay tongue! Haha he's booked more things than me this year!

Jan 12, 2010 - Billy,
I booked an interview on The John Kerwin Show! It's a local L.A. TV talk show, similar to other popular late night talk shows. It also airs online, and can be found on youtube. The show is now in its 9th year, and had many popular celebrities on it. The segment with me is where they interview actors that are working to make it BIG, but not quite there yet. I auditioned with many other actors, but in the end, Mr. Tongue (his name is Tick now) prevailed once again. The show I'm on films January 13, 2010 but I am not sure when it airs (might be the same night, or not). Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a link to it online when it's uploaded.

Jan 10, 2010 - I just booked (for the third year) multiple roles in the play, "WIT" which we will perform for the graduating class of doctors at UCSD in early March. So happy to be called back!

Jan 6, 2010 - I just shot a lead role in a music video for a song called "Alive" by Stryper. They're a Christian metal group that formed in the 80's. I play a kid who leaves his house because he is frustrated with his dad. When he's lost and broken, he turns to God for an answer, and God answers. The video is directed/produced by Michael Sarna and will worldwide premier on January 15, 2010.

Dec 19, 2009 - Just booked and shot a national spot for Bud Light!!! It has Super Bowl potential, fingers crossed! Thanks to Billy, I was that much more prepared.

Dec 9, 2009 - Just booked another MOR Furniture commercial which shoots this
coming Monday, Dec. 14th in San Diego!

Dec 5, 2009 - I booked a starring role in a student film called "Love Bites." It's at Art Center College of Design and is directed by Quoc Pham. This is a really good one and I play the role of Ben, an awkward/shy kid who wants to go out with a really cute girl. This film is funny but will let me show emotion and true feelings too. I remember having sides in your class for an awkward role. You told me not to act it out or attempt to show it, but just let it be there. That's exactly what I did in this audition, and it worked out really well. I really can't start to film this one this month!

Nov 24, 2009 - Billy,
I booked a lead role in a short film at Orange Coast College. It's called "10 Miles a Day." It's a motivational film in the style of Rocky, and I play one of the high school track runners, named Dan. 2 days of filming this month.

Also... A video of my long tongue will be featured on "Unbelievable Year" on Fuji Television in Japan on December 31st!

Nov 23, 2009 - I just finished two days of filming a UCSD senior student film. This is a great story and I had a supporting role as Katherine, one of the multiple personalities of the main character. There will be a showing of the film at UCSD in mid-December and I am very excited to attend.

Nov 20, 2009 - Just booked the lead in a short film called Old Money. It just felt so comfortable auditioning in WCI studios. We will begin rehersal tuesday and film December 11 12 13. Im so excited. Thanks Billy, it was all you!!!

Nov 18, 2009 - Just booked a supporting role in a Feature Film, One Night.
After the audition they gave me a card with a web address on the back and told me to check out the script...didn't know what that meant till now. Thanks so much. I'm so excited.

Nov 16, 2009 - Billy,
I booked a lead role in a short student film at Orange Coast College. The film is called 'What's Next?' and I play the younger brother, Jason, who loses his parents. I already filmed one day and will film more this month. Hopefully this will go to some festivals.

Nov 12, 2009 - Beth and I book lead roles in a student film called Karma. Both the directors were awesome, and open minded for their film. We had a blast filming all day on campus, with everying watching. Such a rush!! Thanks Billy for giving us the convidence we needed.

Nov 11, 2009 - I just finished the lead in a non union film called FARINA. The film was a 1960's mafia setting. I was so pumped when I found out I get to steal a old Black Thunder bird and fly off down the street!!!
When I arrived to the set I was a little nervous, but then I thought of Billys Famous words "who am I? How do I feel? and F**k it.
Thanks Billy your the BEST

Nov 7, 2009 - Just finished shooting a short film called Bubblegum Bitch. Was alot of fun and it will eventually go to festivals. Fingers crossed for the Berlin Festival! Sprechen sie Deutch? Ja! I play a gay character struggling with choosing between his judgemental, alchoholic mother or his boyfriend he's madly in love with. Thanks so much for all your guidance and helping me to get outta my own way and just "be" in the moment!

Oct 29, 2009 - Just booked a supporting role in a non-union Feature Film that's shooting in November. Will be getting IMDB credit and going to festivals. Looking forward to it and keeping this momentum into 2010.

Oct 28, 2009 - Billy,
I booked one of the lead roles in a short student film at Los Angeles Film School. I don't have any lines though (no one speaks in the film until the end.) The film is called "Shukran / Toda" and I will be playing a bully who picks on a little boy and girl at school. The audition was all action/facial expressions, and went really well. This will be fun to film!

Oct 21, 2009 - Last week I booked the lead in a student film at SDSU called Tribal Initiation, about an undercover sting that goes horribly wrong. I just went in and read as "who I am" and "what was happening to me right now".
The director said he didn't have any direction for me because it was so good. The best part was last week having to go in to read with two other actors to see who had the best chemistry with ME! Should be a fun shoot! Thanks Billy for the teaching that has stuck with me for a long time!

Oct 19, 2009 - Billy,
I booked a supporting role in a student film called "Finders Keepers" at CSU: Long Beach. I play the role of Mikey, a nervous/awkward younger brother of the main character. I get the girl in the end though! Haha. The audition amazed me because I trusted in what you say completely, and it worked out. I started getting really nervous, and started thinking "why am I nervious for a small student film?" but I went with my true feeling, and sure enough, that's exactly what the role required! I like the script, and can't wait to start shooting next month!

Oct 5, 2009 - Hey Billy,
I booked a starring role in a student film at College of the Canyons. It's called "Fentress" and it's directed by Christopher Miller. It's a dramatic short, and will give me an opportunity to show a lot of emotion. I play the role of "Tim," who is a young man having to deal with losing his brother to the army and growing up in a town with no future. Filming will start this month and will go into November. Really excited! Of course, thanks for giving me the skill and confidence to do great at the audition (the sign-in sheet was quite long).

Oct 1, 2009 - "MeHe" booked another role as an immigrant for a SDSU student film. My teenage kids are failing in school and I'm concerned for their future. It's a short film about the importance of education. I could totally relate to the story and it was actually easy to be in the moment with so much emotion just pouring out. I felt like I had been transported into someone else's life. It was a great audition!! I can't wait to see what's next!! Thanks, Billy! Can't wait to get back to class!!

Sep 28, 2009 - Billy,
I booked and just shot a small part in a feature length film that will be broadcasted in Russia. It's called "Jetlagged." It's the first time that I had to speak Russian to other Russian actors, and it was definitely a great experience.

ALSO: The iCarly episode that I'm on is airing this coming Saturday (October 3) at 8:00pm on Nickelodeon. It's called "iCarly Awards" and I'm on there for my tongue (filmed right before I went into acting).

The same day, the latest short film that I star in, "Overloaded," is premiering at James Bridges Theater, UCLA.

Sep 24, 2009 - I just booked another MOR Furniture commercial which shoots
on October 5th here in San Diego.

And, I have to agree with Holly's recent post about Billy's
marketing class. I took it when I was starting out a couple of
years ago and it was an excellent introduction to everything I
needed for the marketing and business side of acting. Thanks Billy!

Sep 21, 2009 - I booked a starring role in "Pop the Question," a short film written and directed by the very talented Michael Stern. You can check it out on Thurs. Sept 24th and Sun. Sept 27th as it's being featured in the Local Love portion of The San Diego Film Festival. Also, keep your eyes peeled for my Commcast spot, I'm playing "Wendy." I took Billy's marketing seminar twice and I highly recommend it. Go to it! Do everything he tells you! It works, I promise! I'm so glad someone finally told me what to do! Thanks Billy!

Sep 10, 2009 - I just shot a commercial yesterday for Bakugan. It's for a new product they're coming out with called the Bakumeter. It was my first time being the only person in a commercial, a little scary! They auditioned me a few weeks ago but I didn't get the spot they originally auditioned me for. Then they called me out of the blue on Friday and booked me for the lead in this commercial. It was a great surprise and just goes to show that even if you don't get the job you auditioned for, it could lead to others. When I was leaving they said they would like to hire me again for another spot so I guess they were happy with my work.

Sep 2, 2009 - I booked a USC Student SAG short film. Thank goodness because I was entertaining thoughts of giving up! What a roller coaster ride this business is! Anyway, I'm so excited now. I play an immigrant woman fleeing for her life with a bagful of money. The audition last Saturday was so much fun. I just did what felt natural. I surprised myself even. The second time I did it as MeHe and they loved it and were all laughing even tho' it was a serious piece. I can't wait to shoot this!! Thank you, Billy, for your continued encouragement!

Sep 2, 2009 - I booked a USC Student SAG short film. Thank goodness because I was entertaining thoughts of giving up! What a roller coaster ride this business is! Anyway, I'm so excited now. I play an immigrant woman fleeing for her life with a bagful of money. The audition last Saturday was so much fun. I just did what felt natural. I surprised myself even. The second time I did it as MeHe and they loved it and were all laughing even tho' it was a serious piece. I can't wait to shoot this!! Thank you, Billy, for your continued encouragement!

Aug 26, 2009 - Billy,
Thanks to Aron Doughty, I booked a SAG-franchised agent! He referred me to his agent, Sha'Lin Talent Agency, and now I got both theatrical and commercial representation from them! I had to audition first for the assistant, and then for the agent. Luckily, I used everything you taught me, went with my "real" feelings, dropped my voice, and it came out better than I could have imagined it!

Aug 25, 2009 - Finished filming the 1st 6 episodes of "Fantasy Office". A web-series about a bunch office workers who have no idea what to do when Pro-Football goes on strike. The were so ready for fantasy football and the football season that they turn their office into a fantasy footballesque atmosphere unbeknownst to the rest of the office workers in order to cope. Its really well written and produced by 99:24 films. They put out some good work.

It was a blast and I think its really Hillarious. I'm Ted, the lead, who's the office jock alpha male. We've got 11 more episodes to go. Should be fun.

Aug 19, 2009 - Booked a principal role on the truTV reenactment show Operation Repo.

I had SO much fun in the audition. The casting director gave me and the other actress in the audition a scenario and had us improv to see what we could do. I was to be the girlfriend of her bipolar brother whom I found had committed suicide in my apt after I got back from a business trip. I know, intense, right? As she was fighting with the car repossession guy, I came in to tell her the news and let her have it cuz she never took his condition seriously.

I just put myself in the situation, and let's just say it was a fun emotional roller coaster. I let it all go, and it felt great!

Aug 19, 2009 - Yes! Now I'm a "series regular" on an online comedy skit show called "The Intern" by "Skit Com TV." They're just starting out, but they have good plans ahead of them, and we're starting to film this month in L.A.! I have one of the many lead roles, and am very excited about it. I play a high-school kid who interns at a online tv show, where the people really don't know what they're doing. They use me to get cameras/lights for them from my AV classes in school. Funny.

Also, The iCarly episode that I'm on is going to finally air Saturday, 9/12/09 on Nickelodeon. It's called "iCarly Awards."

Aug 18, 2009 - I took part of the 48 Hour Film Festival as part of the cast of the Director Johno Wells. Our short film will be screening on August 20th @6pm (Group C). For ticket reservations click here.

Also, Feel free to watch (media section) the new trailer of Portrait of a Girl short film. Now aiming for the festival circuit!!! Woo Hoo!!

Aug 17, 2009 - I just booked a really small role in an independent film called "Monster Cabin." I wasn't even going to go to this audition, but decided to stop by since it was in the area where I was filming a lead role that day. I'm a pizza delivery guy that gets attacked/or killed by the "monster." Like always, I felt so comfortable in the audition with no stress at all, thanks mainly to your class. My first horror film! Yay!

Aug 16, 2009 - I just booked a national Pizza Hut commercial!
Thanks Billy, you're the greatest!

Aug 5, 2009 - Billy I just finished shooting an episode for CALL 911 for the Investigation Discovery Network! It's a re-enactment show. Was loads of fun and so easy!!! Just remained in the moment and reacted!
Thanks Billy! :-)

Aug 2, 2009 - Just finished working on a student short film, "Goodbye", as the lead and just booked a lead role on an independent short film, "The Unrelated Collection", which is going to be submitted to some film festivals.

Bottom line I feel so comfortable at auditions its ridiculous. I'm just myself in them, their easy as hell and I love going on them. I love working more, but auditions are fun. The only reason why is because of class. So Billy ... thanks. I've only been out there 2 weeks and its rolling and I can't wait to learn more and work more and keep it rolling.

Thanks bro.


Jul 29, 2009 - Hey Billy - I wanted to share with the group that I booked the lead in a feature film being shot by Golden Era Productions. We started shooting on Monday and I'll be pretty tied up as I'm scheduled for 14 full days of shooting over the next few weeks. The tears "found me" during the audition because I was seeing what was going on in the scene instead of looking for a way to make myself cry. You're the best!

Jul 28, 2009 - Yeeeeessss! I booked another lead role, this time in a UCLA student film. I am very, very excited about this role because as soon as I picked up audition sides I wanted this role so badly! I get to work with an amazing director and some really great actors (my co-star is a guy who did reenactments on "1,000 Way to Die," which is a show I like). This audition was set up VERY similar to your class and I did everything you taught me. Ran the 7 steps on the sides, threw away the words, and really submerged myself into the reality. Thanks Billy!

Jul 21, 2009 - Last Friday I worked on a Wal Mart video which will be shown on their website and in-store monitors. I am a customer who asks the cooking show host a question about holiday dinners. Very long but fun shoot!

Jul 18, 2009 - Booked another lead role in a small independent short film. The working title is "Pizza Madness" but it's going to change. The night before the first day of filming, one of the other lead actors dropped out, and I got Mitch from your Sunday S.D. class to take the role! Crazy.

Jul 10, 2009 - Booked the lead in a dark comedic short film called "Foreign Exchange Student". Yes, I play the foreign exchange student. :) After watching my demo reels, they knew I'd be perfect for the role and offered it to me without an audition! Thanks, Billy, for all you've taught me. I always go on set imagining you're right there coaching me!

Jul 9, 2009 - Billy,
I booked a lead role in a very funny student film at CSUDH! It's titled "Power Walking Drama" for now, but the name might change. Filming is in July and August, and should all be completed by early October. I have a hilarious role, and the audition went great, thanks to your training!

Jul 2, 2009 - I just booked a local commercial for Cox Communications! Thanks SO much Billy for everything you continue to teach me!!

Jun 22, 2009 - I just completed shooting a short film this weekend called THE BIG HEAD CASE - another comedy, in which I do cry a little. Hey, you gotta go with your strengths. :)

I also booked a lead role in a pilot for a web series called TINY PROFESSOR. I asked myself the key questions during the audition and went with what the universe gave me.

Jun 19, 2009 - Hey Billy!
I just booked a spec commercial for America's Got Talent! Thanks very much to my long tongue and of course, the acting skills I learned from you. Shooting in Hollywood this weekend. Whooopeeee!

Jun 16, 2009 - Whoo-hoo! I just booked a "non speaking" yet co-starring role in a comedic short film titled "The Project: Sex-Life Aquatic." The film is written and directed by Jason Perlman. I play the role of 'Dirk Calloway' from 'Rushmore' in this parody. I don't get any lines, but I'm best friends with the main character and follow/spy/hang out with him throughout the whole film. The script is really funny and can't wait to film it this month in L.A.!

Jun 15, 2009 - Hi Billy - Settling in to Seattle. I just booked a co-star role in a web series called "Family" which is apparently going to be getting some press in Newsweek soon. The series is about a polyamorous group of friends. It's a nice comedic role (no crying, this time) and may potentially be a recurring character for me. You have taught me well, SenSei. I thank you.

Jun 15, 2009 - I forgot to thank you for sending out the DDO Agency notice. I ended up signing with them in their commercial department. One step closer-I can feel it!

Jun 14, 2009 - Hey everyone! You can catch the premiere of "Twins By Surprise", the show in which I played an OB/GYN tonight at 8pm on Discovery Health Channel. It will air again at midnight. You'll love my 70's-style 'stache!

Jun 3, 2009 - I just booked an in-house educational video for the UCLA Medical Plaza! It's a fun little part..I get to demand that a relative that's dying...gets the plug pulled! I got booked off of my demo reel, which I love! Now I can just go and do it!
Thanks so much Billy!

Jun 2, 2009 - Like Mary, I also booked the testimonial for the electric toothbrush.
Shooting in mid-June.

May 29, 2009 - I am super excited!! I just booked a national testimonial for a new electric toothbrush. Billy, you are the best, thank you sooooo much.

May 26, 2009 - I just booked my fourth MOR commercial which shoots on June 1st.
Thanks, as always Billy.

May 25, 2009 - I just booked a role as a waiter in the independent film "Wealth." The role was changed to Russian waiter, since I am fluent in the language. Abai is in the film as well. The audition went smooth, all because of what I learned from you, Billy. I also had an audition for a Nissan commercial, and thanks to you, that audition was a piece of cake. I hope I get a phone call for that as well.

May 19, 2009 - Hey Billy,

I just booked the role of a Teenage Boy in an Independent Film called "Wealth". I left that audition room really confident and had a feeling that I would get the role and it's thanks to you. Thanks for everything.

May 9, 2009 - Hi Billy,
CONGRATS on booking your nat'l spot!! Awesome. I also just booked a daypart playing a broadcast reporter in a small indie film. :) Thanks for giving me the skills and confidence to know I'm bookable!!

Apr 28, 2009 - I just booked a principal role in a commercial to be shot next month. I am so excited!!! Thanks Billy for your support and patience!

Apr 21, 2009 - I am so excited! I just that I booked a Lead role in a thesis project called: Portrait of a Girl shooting in June.

I am so glad we got to prepare me for the audition in class - Thanks Billy!
P.S: Thanks Nanci for being the other reader that day too!

Apr 20, 2009 - I booked a supporting role in a short film called "The Vanishing Sands" for the 48 Hour Film Festival. We just shot it this weekend at a motel in Pacific Beach. The film was directed by Marissa Bowman, the starring actress is Kristina Sipes. As always, I felt comfortable and at ease while filming because of your training! Thanks Billy!

Apr 12, 2009 - Bonjour Billy!
I just booked a Short Film/Thesis Project in French. It is called: Pour Toujours Avec La Moustache (Forever With Mustache) in which I have a Lead (starring)role (I am not the one with the mustache though:).

Merci beaucoup! Caroline

Apr 1, 2009 - Hey Billy,

Thanks again, I booked a Short Sag Film called "The Bench" in LA, Basically I did a cold read, because the scene completely changed at the audition, so I just focused and used everything that was given to me at that moment. I just got a call last night. I didn't get the role I read for but they liked my read so much that they gave me a co-starring role. Whoo hoo! It's scheduled to shoot the weekend of 18th. Thanks again.

Mar 26, 2009 - I recently booked a Qualcom spot. YOOHOO, thanks Billy, you're the best.

Mar 19, 2009 - Hi Billy,
I just booked a Lead part in a short film called Pylon directed by Brian Christ/Daniella de Rosa. It will be shot on 16mm.

Great network WCI Studios! Thanks, Caroline

Mar 19, 2009 - Hey Billy, I booked a lead role in a SDSU student film "The Distance from Here", and a supporting role in a UCSD student film "Call Waiting." Those were my first 2 auditions EVER! Thanks Billy for your help!

Mar 14, 2009 - Hey Billy,
I booked a national Subway commercial! I got to be the "Take Control Boy" and had a lot of fun with it! Thanks again for all your support and awesome training!

Mar 5, 2009 - Hi Billy, I just booked a principle role in a short film. Thank you so much for all you have taught me! See you soon.

Mar 1, 2009 - Don't know what happened to my initial entry. Anyway, I booked a DirectTV commercial that paid and without having to audition, probably because they saw I train with Billy Cowart!! It shot this past weekend and it was a blast, mainly facial expression stuff and a photography shoot. Because of my early call time, the producer put me up in a hotel. How thoughtful was that? Thanks Billy for your continued support and helping me to grow and become confident enough to do what I love doing.

Mar 1, 2009 -

Feb 3, 2009 - On Sat. 1/31, I shot a commercial for a website, "Money In My Email".
They liked my voice so they also asked me to record their answering machine messages!

Jan 16, 2009 - I just booked a commercial today for Valley View Casino. It's a two day shoot next week on Tues. & Wed. 1/20 and 1/21. Maybe I can get lucky at the tables while I'm there!

Jan 1, 2009 - I shot Jimmy Kimmel live on Dec. 5th. I guess they wanted to go against type because they cast me as this really wild homeless man who approaches Jimmy Kimmel on HW blvd. I didn't even have to audition for it, they just saw WCI studios on my resume and that was it.

Dec 25, 2008 - Merry Xmas, Billy! I just shot a short film this past weekend called "Boomer's Day Off". It's a spoof based on the Left 4 Dead video game, and I played one of the lead parts--Sheila the Witch, the zombie that cries all the time and freaks out if you get too close or look her in the eye. Fun stuff :) The video should be released on the web sometime in January.

Dec 22, 2008 - I just booked another commercial for MOR Furniture which we'll shoot on January 5th, 2009.
Merry Christmas Billy and everybody!

Nov 25, 2008 - I just booked a MOR Furniture commercial which shoots in San Diego next Monday, Dec. 1st.
Thanks Billy!

Nov 20, 2008 - I just booked a real estate industrial shooting tomorrow.
I'm having so much fun with all of this!

Nov 7, 2008 - I just booked two days next week on "Boston Legal".

Nov 2, 2008 - I just shot a Co-Star role for a short film called "Affair" by Layla Wu Productions.

Yeah!!! Caroline

Oct 27, 2008 - Hey Billy! Booked a Pechanga Commercial! At the audition all I had to do was react to situations given by the CD. I just stayed honest and 'in the moment'. I guessed they liked it! See you soon!

Oct 26, 2008 - Hi Billy, I just booked a commercial for Pechanga Resort & Casino, airing in January. Fun is in the air!!!

Oct 20, 2008 - Hi Billy. I just wrapped up the show "Hairdresser on Fire" at Compass Theatre--it ran four weeks. I played three different ensemble roles and got great written reviews--the best in the cast. I've also been approached by two directors who want to offer me roles in their next productions. Nice!

I tell everyone about you!!! It's been a long time but I never forget what you've taught me.


Oct 9, 2008 - Will be working on "The Ex List" tomorrow!

Oct 6, 2008 - Hey Billy -

Just about the time I had given up (ahem... as SOON as I left the audition last week) on booking the part on The Ex-List on CBS, I got a call from my San Diego agent... and I booked the show! It'll get me into SAG like we just talked about last night. Thanks for your support. You said less than 24 hours ago that I "would be SAG in no time at all", and here I am, right where you said I'd be. I'm amazed and more than a little pleased. Thanks for being my friend, my coach and my guru. And to my classmates: make sure you tune in to CBS on Friday nights to pump up "The Ex-List" so we can all get more work!

Oct 1, 2008 - I will play a CEO for a national law firm's convention at the Hotel Del. I apparently look like him and I must sing "Thanks for the Memories".

Sep 11, 2008 - I booked a commercial (shooting in HD) playing a father. You didn't help me look like a dad but your marketing class helped me learn how that fits into my marketing plan. Thanks, Billy.

Aug 17, 2008 - I booked it and WON!

I was recently booked the lead for one of the 48-hour film projects last weekend, "Just a Man". It swept away all of the awards including Best of San Diego! In addition to making it to the 'Best Of' round, we won for Best Use of Genre, Best Sound Design, Best Acting (woo hoo!!), Best Writing, Best Cinematography, and Best Direction. I had to cry a ton and everytime the director would yell cut, everyone would look at me and say "how do you do that?" Billy Cowart helped me thank you very much!!!

Aug 12, 2008 - I recently returned from Japan after taking Tokyo by storm as the Pig Farmer in the GABA English Language Institutes new campaign.

I also just shot a supporting role as the mysterious tenant in the Indy, "The Man Who Knew How to Fly".

And today I was the Bohemian, hippy customer on The Young and the Restless.

Aug 1, 2008 - I just booked a co-star role in The Ex List, TV show. I went into the audition as my character, brought a cigarette into the audition, never lit it, but I think it really sealed the deal.

Jul 31, 2008 - Booked a lead role for a feature film called: Discharged, William Waldron III Productions. Thanks for your guidance Billy when I rehearsed the monologue in class, it definitely released things my left brain was blocking.

Jul 27, 2008 - I just wrapped a great role in a feature film "How to Save a Life". It was an incredible experience. Thank you Billy!! You have radically changed my approach to acting. You helped bring ease and simplicity to it and made it fun.

Jul 16, 2008 - Hi Billy,
The film I directed, "A Beautiful Day" a short film, will screen at Indie Fest USA in Downtown Disney on August 12, 2008 at 5 pm. I look forward to seeing the film in a few more festivals too!

Sidney Franklin

Jul 15, 2008 - Hi Billy ! I just booked my first commercial ! It's for a company called the "The Cleaning Authority" and I am "Mum" ! It was shot today and I was working with another Billy veteran, Landon Vaughn ! I have also done two on-camera hosting jobs in the last two weeks - one with an Aussie accent for a promotional DVD for a book titled "Kissing the Dragon's Lips" and the second, with a South African accent to promote a computer graphics programme. Busy busy busy ! SJN

Jul 11, 2008 - Yesterday I worked on the TV show, Boston Legal as an attorney in the court room. It will be the second episode of the new fall season. The episode title is "Dances with Wolves". Great fun!

Jul 5, 2008 - Hi Everyone! Just wanted to give you an update for "Mystery ER". I got notified by the producer that my episode has been moved up to the number 1 slot, premiering Monday, July 14th at 8pm on Discovery Health Channel. Initially I was in episode 4, now it's episode 1! Here's a link to the show: http://health.discovery.com/tv/mystery-er/mystery-er.html. My episode is "Deadly Grind". Tune in or Tivo it if you get a chance. I know, I know... I puke a lot. I was there, remember? Oh, and it was a mixture of applesauce, cinnamon and diet coke fyi. Yummy!

Jun 26, 2008 - Hey Billy!
Thought you would be thrilled to know that I just booked a TOP OF SHOW Guest Star role in "Supernatural"! Headed to Canada, baby!
Thank you for all you have taught me thus far.
Most grateful,
Traci Dinwiddie

Jun 7, 2008 - I booked the lead role as Josh in the action/apocalyptic short film "Red Moon Rising." I went in and just followed my instincts, and whenever they asked for something specific, I would just listen and let it affect me. Thank you so much Billy, for having such a positive effect on my life and career. Thank you!

Jun 4, 2008 - Garrett has booked Playhut Toys (print), General Hospital and is now co-starring in an indie short starring Michael Constantine called, "All The Time In The World". Thanks again to Rick and WCI Studios for giving Garrett the tools and confidence to nail these auditions!

May 29, 2008 - I just booked a supporting role in the indie feature film "Love and War". I was even the second person to audition for that role and I still got it.
I also booked a staring role in the short film "Late for the Party" and didn't even audition because the director had seen me in another film.

May 18, 2008 - Thanks Billy for allowing me to embrace my vulnerablity and sensitivity and see them as strengths which are helping me tremendously in this path of acting. You're the real deal!!!

May 18, 2008 - "The Loop", tv series (NBC)co-starring role as Suzie O'Malley
"Sleeper Cell" tv series (HBO) co-starring role as FBI agent
"Dirt" tv series(FX)co-starring role as doctor
"Close to Home" tv series (CBS) co-starring role as ICU doctor
"Supreme Courtships" Fox pilot co-starring as Reporter
"Chelsea Handler Show" (E!) recurring

May 9, 2008 - I booked Frank TV thanks to my amazing coach Billy!

May 9, 2008 - I booked a music video with Rascal Flatts which is on CMT as the boyfriend in the shadow box.
Also booked a PSA Anti-drug commercial.

May 9, 2008 - When I audition for 1 of the part of "Power Tie" a short! The director liked my performance + that European look ;),and decided to add a role for me. Pretty Cool!?!

May 9, 2008 - When I audition for 1 of the part of "Power Tie" a short! The director like my performance + that European look ;),and decided to add a role for me. Pretty Cool!?!

May 7, 2008 - Recently shot a Sprint/Nextel commercial. In the audition everyone was yelling and over the top; I was just still. And in the callbacks the director actually had to tell me to make it bigger. Now when we shot it they had me go the full range from still and small to way over the top. So we'll see how it comes out.

Apr 29, 2008 - Booked a spot on a new Discovery Channel mini-series starring Bill Nighy the Science Guy. They pretty much offered me the role in the audition room. I was on the road 5 minutes leaving when they called to confirm. It was very empowering to know I walked in and gave them EXACTLY what they were looking for so that they knew they were done looking. Thanks Billy for the support and for the confidence I feel now when I audition!

Apr 27, 2008 - I guess our (Laura and I) marketing plan is to work as a couple. We just shoot a film called "Seaside on a Sunday" up in Paradise Cove, Malibu last week with a director from USC. You have helped make acting easy. Thanks for your help and encouragement.

Apr 27, 2008 - Laura and I worked on a short film called "Lullaby". We filmed in a lake house up in Lake Elsinore. It was a fun weekend. The premiere is up in L.A. at the end of April. Thanks for helping us work through some of the more difficult scenes. We feel good about the end result.

Apr 27, 2008 - I was able to work with Zach Guerra (iNFiDELiS Productions) on a great music video alongside Rob Roy. It turned out awesome! Thanks for your help, Billy!

Apr 27, 2008 - Trevor & I finished shooting on "The Debt" which should show at the TOM Film Festival in May. We had a blast.

Apr 20, 2008 - Worked yesterday as a featured on a short film, "Power Tie" in San Diego. Met lots of new great people and spread the word about Billy Cowart to some who didn't know him - referrals should be on their way!

Apr 19, 2008 - 4/18/08 I was just cast for a supporting (teacher) role in a short (local - yea, I don't have to drive to LA!) comedy film called,
"Ethics 101", suprisingly, because I didn't even audition for it!! The casting director just remembered me from previous auditions I did for her...WOW! You just never know. Thank you, Billy, for your patience in helping me to get out of my left brain!! It's been a long journey, but I can say, alas, auditioning is FUN!

Apr 8, 2008 - Hey Billy - Just got the call from Jeff Hardwick Casting. I booked a guest starring role as Erich in an episode of the TV series "Mystery ER". We'll be shooting for two days later this week. It's my second appearance on the show: I was a doctor featured/U5 last time, this time - sans facial hair - I'll be a patient. As always, thanks for everything!

Apr 6, 2008 - "Mozlym", a feature film I did last year, is finally complete and has been accepted to the Riverside International Film Festival and will screen April 15th at 11am.

I am very proud to be a part of this important film about tolerance. I played a large supporting role as Maryam, a devout Muslim college student. There is one particular scene where I knew something was brewing underneath, and it was just a matter of me allowing myself to let go. It was almost like I had you right there saying "Just let go...just let it go....". The cast and crew were really taken aback afterwards, but they were amazed that I did what I did. It really wasn't anything but letting myself feel and express what came naturally instead of trying to manufacture something--it's all about what you've taught me to do!

The film is being submitted to festivals domestically and internationally right now....I'll keep you posted and hopefully you'll get to see it sometime! Thanks, Billy!!!!!

Apr 6, 2008 - Just booked a supporting role as Laura, a translator in a Chinese gang in the short film, "The High Tower", produced by Grey Sand Entertainment. We begin shooting mid-April and continue through the beginning of May. Again, I was approached by the producer based on my previous work. I was given the option to play either Laura or the lead role but opted to take the supporting role due to lack of time since ./shutdown will begin production on Season Two soon.


Apr 6, 2008 - Last Tuesday, April 1st I worked on Boston Legal with William Shatner, James Spader and George Segal. I was a conservative Republican woman at a celebration banquet. Great fun!

Mar 10, 2008 - I Just Wrapped on Guardian Angel, it's the first full lenght feature film to come out of Point Loma Nazrine University. I played Robert, a deranged murder kidknapper for hire. This Movie was an insane experience with alot of twists and turns, all I can say is THANK YOU BILLY for all of your inspiration and motivation that you gave me. All of us on this project put our whole heart and souls in to this and have dreams of Sundance... We'll See all I know is I found my calling and I couldn't have done it without Billy Cowart.

Mar 7, 2008 - I finished shooting a supporting role for a short film called: Ingénue Fatale, Brian McCarthy Productions. And, I just recorded a voice over for an animated short film called: Drowning Vengeance, Doron Kamara Productions.

It's Fun! Caroline

Feb 25, 2008 - I shot a Non-Smoking PSA (Public Service Announcement) for a friend of mine for a contest that the State of California is having. The contest is over but you can see the video by going to the link http://www.beareelhero.com and clicking on the tab "View the Finalists", then look for the video called "Save the Bullets".

Feb 25, 2008 - I just shot a two line U5 on the soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES to air March 7th. It was on the NBC lot in Burbank, of course, and it was cool. I got there at 1230 pm (call time was at 1pm), we dry-blocked the scene, went to wardrobe, then make-up and sat in my dressing room until 5pm!!! Got on set, rehearsed once, shot it once and Moving On!!! One take and I was out of there. Thanks for keeping me grounded during the process Billy!

Feb 16, 2008 - I'm honored to have a supporting role in the play "Wit" which we will perform for a graduating doctor's class at UCSD at the end of this month.

Feb 2, 2008 - Booked a commercial for "Groovy Like a Movie" productions locally in San Diego. They just wanted non spoken reaction shots and I guess they liked mine!

Jan 20, 2008 - I booked a print ad for a Dentist office in San Diego. Shoots tomorrow!

Jan 19, 2008 - I must say, I just started attending WCI Studios and I booked a commercial for Nissan on my very first audition! I checked my nerves at the door and just had fun with it and I guess it showed! Thanks for the insight Billy!

Jan 18, 2008 - Billy,
I just signed with Jack Scagnetti Talent Agency. Yeeeah! I can honestly say it would never have happened without you! Billy ROCKS!

Jan 15, 2008 - Just booked a commercial for Vodafone to be aired in Ireland only. Supporting role as a spectator at a rugby game. I loved the audition so I just had fun with it. Got put on avail yesterday and booked today!
Thanks for your help Billy!

Jan 15, 2008 - Just booked a commercial for Vodafone to be aired in Ireland only. Supporting role as a spectator at a rugby game. I love auditioning so I just had fun with it. Got put on avail yesterday and booked today!
Thanks for your help Billy!

Jan 15, 2008 - I am going to be part of a 5-stage live presentation program that simulates international teleconferencing capabilities for the Polycom Global Partner Conference at the Sheraton, January 22-24.

Jan 14, 2008 - I just booked a Theatre gig at Cygnet Theare in the production of "Fences" by August Wilson.

I just finish shooting a Corporate Event Video to be shown at a press event for a new vehicle release (Hyundai).

I am currently working on a Feature Film called Caravaggio : The Search.

Hey, Billy. Hope you are having a great Christmas vacation. Trevor and I booked a music video (for Brett Dennen). We brought our son along since they were looking for real families. The audition went well as we were asked to react but resisted indicating and just made it real for ourselves. It feels great leaving it behind in the room when you are truthful and not second guessing yourself. Thanks for all your help. Looking forward to an exciting 2008.

Hi Billy. I just auditioned for my first film and I booked it! Thanks for your encouragement and most of all your expert teaching. I wouldn't have been able to do it without your guidance. Thank you.

I booked a Lead role in a major mainstream spec commercial for TRIX Cereal. The audition was so much fun. I got to act silly like a kid. In retrospect, I realize that the few jobs I've booked were when I was myself and having fun. My brain was not in the way. Keep reminding of this Billy, like you do, and THANK YOU so much for helping me to grow in confidence and believe in myself to do this. I'll forever be grateful.

Hi Billy, I just booked a finished shooting another national commercial for Rent-a-Center. That's two national commercials this year and one international one that I shot last month for MR. POKER. Also, this week I'm shooting a two-day industrial and a web host spot next week.--doing good. Thanks!


Hey everyone! I shot a student film last week called "Second Chances". Played a psychiatrist again. That's the third doctor I've played this year. Just love being typecast!

Here's a link to the other psychiatrist I played a couple of months back. Have a great holiday break! -- Rick


Hi Billy,
My theater group (hereandnow Theatre Company) is performing at Loyola Marymount University on Nov. 20th @ 7:30 pm...just wanted to spread the word. Thanks!

Hi Billy!

I just wrapped Episode 1x04 for ./shutdown.

A couple weeks ago, I was offered a supporting role in a short film, "misconception." The director had seen some of my work and wanted me in his film. I didn't even have to audition! The film is currently in post and should be complete in a week or two.

I just got another email from a director wanting to send me her script and asking me if I'd be interested in a role in her film. It's crazy how I'm not even looking for roles (since ./shutdown keeps me busy), but roles are coming to me!

Hey Billy,

I just wanted to let you know I booked a lead role in a commercial, that ended turning into two. The client is San Diego County Credit Union, playing a "Marine" and "Sailor #2". Basically, I just listened to their instructions, and paid attention to what was in front of me, including the person next to me. Two days later, my agent called me with the good news. There it is.


Hey again, Billy. I got cast last week in a small web promo that we shot today. It pays to network, as this was a production company that has used me three times. I played a guy in need of a dentist. Not a major role, but it helps pay the bills!

Hey Billy, thanks for the referral to DivX for their voiceover - I booked that and worked it last week. I also just booked a commercial for San Diego County Credit Union - I went in to audition for "wife" and ended up booking "surfer girl" ! As long as I don't actually have to surf, I'll be fine ! See you soon ! Sara Jane Nash


Hey Billy - I just booked the lead in a short film called "Reality World". It shoots next week.

Just booked a National Commercial for YOPLAIT! Yummy!
Bakin' cake, Billy!
-Traci Dinwiddie

I just finished shooting a Lead part of a Short Film called Painted Dreams and just started to shoot a Lead part of a Feature Film called 2012: Doomsday.

Hey Billy - During your Life/Mind Mastery: the Goals, Vision, Mission Intensive last weekend (9/21) I had to scoot out to an audition. I hated to leave, but I felt amazingly centered and focused when I did my audition, even though I knew I was missing parts of the intensive back at your studio.

Fortunately it wasn't a waste of time, as I booked the commercial! I'm playing a psychiatrist who is prescribing drugs like they are candy. The shoot will be this Sunday all day and is about the danger of overprescribing drugs to our kids, something I personally agree with.

Thanks as always for your guidance, Billy. And thanks to Amber T., Amber H., Seriina Covarrubias and Lise Porter, who taught me about the importance of a lifeboat for so many reasons.

I just completed filming a supporting role on, "Prairie Fever", an MOW for ION channel - the new PAX channel.

./shutdown, a web series in which I play the lead character of Hally, is now a featured channel on Stage 6. It's been really exciting finding out how many fans we have all over the U.S. and even other countries like the UK, Spain, and Hungary! One fan wrote me a message saying that I was "really funny, I think you're a very talented, very not-full-of-bullsh** actress". I was so proud because that's exactly what you teach us in your class. I wrote them back and told them about your concept of stripping away the icing and getting to the cake. :)

Also, a short film I did, Foreboding, was screened at the Imperial Beach International Film Festival last weekend and will be screening this weekend at the El Cajon Video and Film Festival.

I miss you, Billy! But I'm glad that ./shutdown shoots in San Diego, so I can still pop into a class every once in a while.

"CREW", the 48 Hour Film Project winner of three awards can now be seen online at http://mindlinks.com/crew/

This isn't the bootleg version which has been around, this is the REAL version!


1. Support role for the TV show ER
2. Talk Show Host for the San Diego film "Little Lionel Little"

I just booked a leading role "Black" a short film shot on HD on location in Oregon. The kicker is that the other lead has a lot more credits but I'm better than him. Ha!

I booked a SAG project, a training film for Homeland Security. I originally auditioned for a day player role, but my agent said they cast me in a different scene as a principle! I just had to improv a scene as a border patrol agent, and I thought I did horribly! Like Billy says, you never know! Thanks!

I booked an industrial...thanks to billy cowart and his dedication to helping his students to improve with every class. I am beside myself. I can hardly believe this is happening to me!!!

Hey Billy, I had my first SAG audition this week (the first one since I became SAG-eligible thanks to my principal role in BROKEN WINDOWS, a SAG-Indie feature film) - and I BOOKED IT! It is a Homeland Security project and I will be "suspect number 7", an asexual, military type trying to illegally land in the US. I'm so amped ! Can't wait for the marketing class and to re-launch myself on the world as a paid up SAG actor ! Thanks so much for all your support ! See you soon. Sara Jane Nash

Hey guys,
Forgot to add a few details about my show at the Comedy Store.

"Crazee Cindy's Comedy Show" at The Comedy Store

Tuesday Aug 07, 2007
at 7:25 PM

Comedy Store
8433 W Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Again, entrance is from the parking lot behind the Comedy Store.

Hey guys! As you all know...Billy Rocks! I've booked a spot at the Comedy Store in the Belly Room for Tues., Aug. 7th (tomorrow). Come support my mission to spread laughter throughout Hollywood. OK...I'm a nerd. lol
Crazee Cindy's Comedy Show" at The Comedy Store

I'm performing my stand up routine at the Comedy Store. Need all my friends and fans to come support me. Cover is only $5 and there is a two drink minimum. Start time is 725pm...so no fashionably latenesses u guys...lol

Just let the doorman know you're here to see ME! :-) It's in the Belly Room, which you access from the parking lot in the back of the Comedy Store. It's located on Sunset Blvd. just east of La Cienega. It's gonna be loads of fun and I'm so excited...and look forward to seeing ya all out there! Plus, I'll love ya long time.....:-)

I was just cast in ELIZA. It's a short film about race, class, and romance told through the eyes of a teenage girl. I'm playing the girl's adult confidant.

I've been on hiatus for about 2 months now so I could get settled into LA. I finally decided to submit for a few things and see what happened... no pressure. Well, I landed 6 auditions in one week. Crazy!

ELIZA was my last audition on Friday. I'd already worked 8 hours and this was my second audition that day. I went up there with the mindset of just having a good time. Who am I and how do I feel really hit home for me that day. I just went with it... nailed it... and got the part. YOU ROCK BILLY!

Hi Billy,

This year has been a great commercial year for me. I filmed a national commercial for BigLots, which made me SAG eligible, and five other local commercials. I also filmed two industrial videos, one of them for Jafra Skincare, and I booked and filmed two short films--"Cookie," in which I played a leading role, and "The Apparatus," in which I had a supporting role.

I also am booked to work on two other projects already before the month is over.

Although I come in and out of your class, your advice and lessons are always with me--and it has shown this year. My goals for next year are to audition for more film roles. As soon as I finish school, I look forward to returning to class.

Thanks for your wonderful teachings.

Hi Billy,
I thought this month was going to be slow, just coming back from Germany again and it turned out CRAZY so far. First, I shot a comedy short "The Estrogen Zone" and while we were working on that, the director came up with an idea for another short film, wrote the script and asked me to play the lead (had me in mind). So I didn't even need to audition for it! It'll film in two weeks.
Then I received this phone call from a director who heard about me from an actor I've worked with on "Reagan's Wharf". He checked out my website and reel and lo and behold - I got a leading part playing sheriff deputy in his short film "The Betty River Murder". We just wrapped it this week. Another gig coming up is "Releve" an indie feature in SD in which I play a supporting role as a doctor specializing in epilepsy. Filming on that starts late August or September.

This all happened back to back. Like you say: Work begets work. A LOT of this is due to networking and being professional, just like you taught in your marketing class!!! I constantly recommend it to every actor I know. Yay! You're the man!

Pia Thrasher

What's the Vig? has been accepted into the El Cajon Video and Film Festival on August 18th.

Go to www.elcajonvideoandfilmfestival.com for more information.

Also check out the What's the Vig? site at www.whatsthevig.com.

Premiere of my new comedy series ./shutdown!!! Watch the first episode, "The New Girl." ("The new girl" is my character, Hally)

There are many ways you can watch and share the series. Please rate and comment on the video and spread the word!

The best quality is on Stage 6.

Second best would be Veoh. This one's the best for embedding on MySpace or blog.
Low-def, but highest exposure is YouTube.If you like it, subscribe to the series!

You can also watch the series from the website itself, but the website is still undergoing some revisions at the moment. Check back in a few days for more cool stuff!

*Fellow Billy students Timothy Cross and Cristyn Chandler are also in the series.

I book a part in a short film called "Up Up Down Down" we are shooting this month through August. This project was my last auditioned of the day and I was "out of it" good thing I got that one! Not the others!?!

The two films that our team of 16 people did for the 48 Hour Film Project are posted online. You can watch them at:



I booked the lead role in "Det-Ton-Nate," a short film shot for the 2007 48Hr Film Project. I am a spy disguised as a homeless man.

Once again this year I was honored to be cast in one of the 48-Hour Film Project films in San Diego over the weekend. I had a starring role in "Crew" along with 3 other terrific actors including another WCI student, Len Irving (Bob). I play "Chuck", the Cliff Clavin-esque stats guy who introduces us to the subject of our 8-hour shift for the day... removal of a small roadside weed known as "Plantago Major". It's a funny film which is good, since the random selection of genre we got was comedy! It premieres Tuesday night, 7/17/07 at Landmark Hillcrest Cinemas. Tickets may be purchased online at https://tickets.landmarktheatres.com/Landmark.aspx?TheatreID=219. Thanks again for all your help and guidance, Billy.

Lead role of Alice Gomm in the short romantic comedy film, "Perched!", produced by DivX as a part of the 48 Hour Film Project San Diego. I also helped write the story and supervise the music.

The film will be screened at the Hillcrest Landmark Theaters on Tuesday 7/17 at 9:30pm. (Buy tickets online because the event always sells out) Buy tickets here

This film was SOOOO much fun to make, and I think the final product reflects that. It was yet another reminder of how liberating it actually is to be in front of the camera. We improvised much of the scenes. I basically just did whatever I felt like in the situation, and it worked!

The DivX team actually made TWO films in 48 hours. We made a horror film as well, for which I helped with music and story, and that will be screened at 7:30. I'm proud of what the team accomplished in so little time!

Hi Billy -

I just booked a co-starring role as a bar owner being forced to pay protection money by a couple of thugs in a short film called "Benjamin Revolution". Shooting begins in late August. The roles are out there, ladies and gentlemen! Go get 'em!

Hey Billy,
I just booked a short film for the 48 Hour Project called "Who's Gonna Be My Navigatrix?". The director was Thomas Gertsch. Billy sent us the casting notice, I submitted myself and got the call the night before at 11pm. It was tough...having to learn the lines for each scene right before shooting. And very little rehearsal time... But was lots of FUN! It screens on Sat., June 30th at 830 pm. There are five series of shorts screening all night starting at 630 pm. Ours is Group E. Check out the website for more info.:http://www.48hourfilm.com/la/
Thanks Billy! You're awesome!

Hey Billy - when it rains it pours! I just booked the role of Mormon leader "Brigham Young" in a documentary to be shot in late July. I'm booked for three days work. Pretty awesome! Thanks, as always, for your guidance.

Hi Billy - I booked a commercial for EVO.com, an environmental website which is scheduled to launch later this summer. I had a good time on the shoot and had a good speaking role this time. Once the spot is finished you'll be able to see it online. I'll update with links when that happens.

Just booked the TRAUMA SURGEON role in the full length feature "NOT EASILY BROKEN." Filming begins in early July! Billy, the work we did to prepare me for my audition gave me the confidence I needed to get the job done! As usual, a huge THANKS to you!!

Worlds War One is a TV14 pilot and I play the Lead role as 14 year old Mark who lives a rough life in a futuristic world in episode I. I followed Billy's training technique he has provided me in the audition and even though I didn't get the older role of Mark I auditioned for, they loved the way I read and offered me the younger role. Wow I did it. Thanks Billy......

Office Manager role (comedy) where my employee has been walking around the office naked and now must be confronted.

Small role in "Donut Shop Hero" to film in late May

Just recently booked a ESPN Baseball commercial..
Couldn't have done it withiout Billy...

Hey there!
I just booked a Co-Star part of Donut Shop Hero(Comedy Short Film) planning on shooting at the end of May. It is just funny how when you stop wondering about getting a part and just be yourself things happen!

The only things I focused on were:

How do I feel?
What's going on in front of me?
Who am I?

Thanks Billy for giving such good advice!

Aron here! I booked a One Act Play called SKIN! It was written and directed by Layon Gray, who is a NAACP and ADA Award winner.
Sex, drugs, and reggae are the backdrops to this crazy one act.
It's very Pulp Fiction.
I play Ronnie, "The Man" (Lead). He is a rich kid / brat trying to be tough. He uses all the street slang, dialect- hood mentality and decides he wants to be a drug dealer. So in other words...he's ME!
When I went in to audition I was really nervous. So I kept reciting that proverb you have written on your chalk board. That the Universe can't do more FOR me than it can do THROUGH me! Then I said (expletive) it! lol
Thanks so MUCH Billy! You Rock as always.
Plays at 3PM on SUNDAYS, April 22nd - May 13th
Avery Schreiber Theater
11050 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA.
(323) 769 5090
Tickets $15 - only $10 for groups of 5 or More.


"Half Past Dead 2" (Full Length Feature) will be released on May 15, 2007. Originally scheduled to go straight to home video, it will now have a theatrical release!! I play a prison inmate not to be toyed with.

Just wrapped "Missionary Man," (Full Length Feature) a modern western shot on location in Dallas, Texas and starring Dolph Lundren. I play a troubled, lonely man injured from a gunshot wound. My interaction w/ Ryder (Dolph Lundgren) propels the climax of the movie in a very emotional scene. In this scene, I actually lost it emotionally and broke down, sobbing uncontrollably...and this was not planned. When the scene was over, Dolph had tears in his eyes and stated that it was "the best scene in the film so far." Thank you Billy for giving me the tools, and the courage, to experience things I have never allowed myself to experience before.

I just got cast in "Am I Blue?" (Full Length Feature) to be shot at the end of May, 2007.

Billy, you continue to take me to new levels and for that I am grateful.

Billy, I booked Kia. Whoo Hoo!!

Within the past six months I've booked the following roles:

My Dreams in Colors (Short Film/Lead) - This was a very interesting experience as I only received the voice over script after shooting the scenes.

Brain Candy (Short Film/Lead) - This was a very emotional experience as it is a delicate subject that required a lot from me. It was a real pleasure to work on Robert Smith's first project.

Timereader (Short Film/Co-Star) - This was a very sweet romance project. I really enjoyed playing the kind of bitchy High School Sweetheart of the main character.

Le Retour (Short Film/Supporting) - A very strong experience - the story of missing your family and friends when it is time to leave.

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