Nick Afanasiev

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Height: 5'9
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
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Nick Afanasiev
Otis Starring Winetree Prod. / Stefan Vino-Figuero
Hollywood Gamble Starring DC Flav Films / David Silberman
Fentress Starring Chronica Films / Christopher Miller
Swift Groove Starring Top Hat Productions / Fidel Garcia
Overloaded Starring UCLA / Marco Carvalho
The Boy Within Starring ViClay Productions / Victor Ciccarelli
The Gamer's Life Starring CSULB / Steven D’Alo
Love Bites Starring Art Center C.O.D. / Quoc Pham
What's Next? Starring Faded Films / Stash Walker
2012: Ice Age Lead The Asylum / Trey Stokes
The Coat Check Lead Simulated Prod. / Will Hoppins
Ditch Day Lead Savior Prince Prod. / Jah Smith
Midnight Joyride Lead Third Estate Media / Daniel Zhao
If You Let Me Lead Marrs Entertainment / Chris Piliero
Ghost Stories Lead Brooks Institute / Spencer Meckley
You're Not God Lead EachNameTaken Ent. / Nick Afanasiev
Serial KillHer Lead Trinity Inc / Blaze Foster
Late Night Madness Lead TBH Productions / Jason Vong
Acceptance Lead Breebot Productions / Sabrina Fraijo
Destructive Interference Lead SandyWood Films / Eugenia Peng
A Wad Of Confidence Lead USC / Simon Fink
Santa Holocaust Lead IDFUN Films / Matthew Castro
Kung Foo Bathroom Zombies Lead IDFUN Films / Matthew Castro
10 Miles A Day Lead Orange Coast / Jaure Gue
The Final Straw Lead CSULA / Stephen Root
Farah Goes Bang Supporting Prospect Place Prod. / Meera Menon
Jet-lagged Supporting Diamond Mine Pr. / Gregory Flitsanov
Wealth Supporting Golden Street Ent. / Darius West
Ambivalence Supporting DAC Films / Daniel Citron
Monster Cabin Supporting Cinematic Artistry / Curtis Fisher
Call Waiting Supporting UCSD / Marissa Bowman
The Vanishing Sands Supporting UCSD / Marissa Bowman
Killer Outbreaks Guest Star Animal Planet / Philippe Denham
iCarly Co-star Nickelodeon / Steve Hoefer
Available upon request
WCI Studios On-camera film/TV training
Robert Wald Actor's Studio Film/TV training, cold reading
San Diego Actor's Theatre Scene study, monologues
Radiance Studio Comedy improv
Longest tongue in America, fluent in Russian, basic Spanish, BMX biking, stage-combat, car/motorcycle license, current passport, roller and ice skating, great with kids & animals.
Television appearances for long tongue:
The Tyra Banks Show - The C.W.
Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
FOX 5 Morning Show (San Diego) - FOX
Variety Showcase - Wealth TV
The John Kerwin Show - Briarwood Productions
Almost Live with Gary Garver - Exscape TV
Smoking Gun Presents: World’s Dumbest Record Breakers - TruTV
Web Soup - G4TV (Video appearance)
Beyond Twisted - FOX (Video appearance)
Rude Tube: Series III - E4 in U.K. (Video appearance)
Unbelievable Year - Fuji Television in Japan (Video appearance)
Oops TV: Seasons 1 and 2 - Sky One in U.K (Video appearance)

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