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Height: 5'8
Weight: 210
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Jewilicous Love Supporting Jewilicous Fest
Angels Academy Angel Next Stage Theater
Darfur Coffee shop patron University of Sioux Falls
In the Heights Usnavi University of Sioux Falls
Fame Joe Vegas University of Sioux Falls
The Producers Carmen Ghia(Streotype gay) University of Sioux Falls
All My Sons Doctor University of Sioux Falls
Midsummer Nights Dream Bottom University of Sioux Falls
Visa Carpool Juice Barista Park Pictures
"Same"-Internet Speed-Time Warner Cable Gamer Station Film
Nebraska Lottery Winner Jeff Lam casting
Madden 2015 Video Game DJ Bear RMB Casting
Vitamin Water (Project Hustle) Artist Chadwick Struck
Monster Strike Gamer RMB Casting
Xfinity this is fast Gamer Dan Bell Casting
Hollywood Killians Commercial Workshop
Hollywood The Groundlings
Studio City Constance Tillotson Private Coaching
Hollywood IO West levels 1-3
Hollywood John Kirby Private Coaching
Football, Baseball, impersonations, facial expressions, guitar, ping pong, kneeboarding, fooseball, stand up

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