Hope Rosemary

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Height: 5'4
Weight: 105
Sight Unseen Lead SDSU
Masterpieces Featured Extra SAG
Walls Lead Big Boy Productions
Pilon Lead SDSU
Resentment Lead Grossmont College
The Doors Featured Extra Josh Maas Productions
Last Meal Featured Extra Big Boy Productions
Princes' Charming Sleeping Beauty YAT Blackbox
You Can't Take It With You Essie Onstage Playhouse: Chula Vista
Parade the Musical Ensamble Grossmont College
Into The Actors Process: Comedy Rhoda Grossmont College
John Lennon and Me Janett YAT Blackbox
Outside In Ensamble Steele Canyon High School
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Ensamble/Wife Young Actors Theater
High School Musical Ensamble/Thespian/ASB Young Actors Theater
WCI Studios
Grossmont College Theater Mime
Grossmont College Comedy
Grossmont College Scene Study and Monologues
Young Actors Theater
Circus: stilts, chiffon, lyra, acrobatics, clowning. Athletics: soccer, gymnastics, swim, volley ball, basketball, athletic medicine. Accents: British, Australian, American: Southern and New York.

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