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Height: 6' - 4
Weight: 230
Hair Color: Blond, but some call it gray
Eye Color: Blue
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Peter Buitenhek
Night Sights Edgar Palletier - Co-Star d. Matthew Thompson
Saint Valentine (short) Stock Broker, Co-Star d. Jeff Gardiner
The Heiress Lethal (short) William Baker III, Co-Star d. M. Brueggemeyer
Luck of the Draw (short) Sidney, Co-Star d. Ronn Kilby, Kilby Pond
The American Dream Handler, Co-Star Inferno Productionz
Historians (short) Drunk Father, Co-Star d. Mike Brueggemeyer, Stu Segall Studios
King Breaker Financier, Co-Star d. Matt Snead
Distance (short) Father, Star d. William Massung
Just A Man (short) Dr. Hall, Co-Star d. Mike Brueggemeyer, Groovie-like-a-Movie
Caravaggio and My Mother the Pope Dutch Elder, Co-Star d. Maureen Murphy, M & A Associates
Mickey (short) Police Officer, Co-Star d. Iain Schafler
337 (short) Boss, Co-Star d. Mauricio Perez
Donut Shop Hero (short) Bearclaw, Co-Star d. Nick Harris & Charles Rhoads, Sunspot
Skid Marks Patient, Co-Star d. Karl Kozak, Diversa Films
Little Lionel Little (short) Talk Show Host #1, Co-Star d. Lowell Niles, Sunward Films
Java Blues (short) Corporate Exec, Co-Star d. Will Faeber, Activity Rd. Studios
Western Music Video Cowboy Bob, Co-Star d. Will Faeber, Activity Rd. Studios
Young and the Restless Lawyer, Under 5 CBS TV Studios
JImmy Kimmel Live (1/6/2011) Lottery Winner, Under 5 ABC - TV
Hitched or Ditched - San Diego Wedding Guest, Under 5 d. Mike Fleiss, CW Network
ER -Season 14, Episode 5 Featured-Patient d. A. Hemmingway, Warner Bros
John from Cincinnati, Day 9 Surfing Lawyer, Under 5 d. David Milch, HBO
Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office Manager, Under 5 d. Gail Mancuso, Fox TV (Pilot)
Identity Game SHow Self NBC Game Show
The News Supporting-Boss (IMDb) d. Mark Buckland, Disney (Pilot)
Wind on my skin Runway Model Live Mechanics
Thrill the World Dancer Ines Markeljevic, Canada
Abby Wambach Business Owner Rochester, NY
Post Projects Judge, Under 5 d. M. Brueggemeyer
Money Square (Japan) Golfer, Star Dentsu, Inc.
SDCCU Banker, Star SDCCU
Depression PSA Husband J. Markowitz Productions
Neurovantage Presenter - Direct Response VitaminsUSA
Irvine Companies Leasing Executive Irvine Companies
VibroBelt Messager (India viewing only) Husband, Co-Star Central Station Films Ltd.
Smart Salt Chef d. L. Niles, Sunward
Profil Institute Diabetic Black Eye Studios
Doritos Super Bowl Contest Game Show Host d. Justin Foley, Stu Segall Studios
AlertOne Heart Attack Victim, Star BulletProof Productions
Qualcomm I-phone Executive, Under 5 Multimedia Image Production
Philips Hospital Products Photo Shoot Patient, Print Hill-Rom
Xcel Power Doctor, Co-Star Apictures
Internet Millions Rich Guy Jeff Paul Productions
Nike - San Diego Chargers & Pittsburgh Steelers Onfield Executive Anonymous Casting
RONCO Products Audience Member, Under 5 Ronco
Toyota Carlsbad Dad, under 5 Toyota Regional
Eclipse Portable O2 Patient Sequal Technologies
Live Attorney Event Costar-CEO Braun Film Company
Multiple Sclerosis Support Group Crooked River Productions
Live PolyCom National/International Convention Boss and Teacher, Co-Star Carat Brand Experience
SONY Playstation & San Diego Padres Dugout Security, Under 5 HSI
Teradata Co-Star Teradata
Vistage CEO Briefings CEO, Under 5 Vistage, Inc.
San Diego Cold Reading
San Diego TV Blocking & Marks
San Diego Voice Over
San Diego TV
San Diego Commercials
San Diego Film Auditions
Peter Buitenhek has been a business executive for over 35 years. He was born in Indonesia and has lived in California, Pennsylvania and Illinois. He has been: an airplane pilot & licensed A&P mechanic, Private Investigator, Football/Volleyball/Soccer/Baseball/Basketball Coach. Mr. Buitenhek enjoys acting, script writing, sailing, golfing, boxing, and karate. Peter plays several musical instruments. Golf Nicknames: Shankapotomous and "Did you see where my ball went?" Website:
San Diego Agent: Shamon Freitas, San Diego Manager: Camie Carpenter, Los Angeles Agent: DDO Artists

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