Sandra Favero

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Senoa Supporting Macross
Broadway Lofts Supporting Chris Schwanitz
I Want To Be Me Supporting Lauren Selman, Pina De Rosa
Just Desserts The Movie Supporting David G. Stone
Combustion Supporting Beyond Vision Inc
Caravaggio: The Search Supporting Michael C. Merisi, Maureen Murphy
Power Tie Supporting Mark Hatjakes
Up Up Down Down Supporting Kenneth Garcia
Sleight Work Lead Manav Wadhwa
Caught Supporting Allen Meinung
The Servant Supporting Poly-Motion
Duke's Day Lead Colin O'Dell
The Bind Lead Patrick Guerra
Amber Sunrise Supporting Joseph Antonio Valle
Man at the Wheel Supporting Bryan Ott
Neighborhood Watch Lead Blaire O'Hara
Avatar Supporting Peter Clines
Love Scenes Supporting Lunch Money Productions
Lotec Supporting Dan Lavin
Camera Girl Lead CAB Production
Slides / Postcards from the Edge Jennifer / Megan RWA Studio
Jingle Bells Jury Magic of Christmas Linder Hall Theatre
Thrill / Some Little Slut Catherine / Genie Ark Theatre San Diego
Coffee at Napoleon's Andi The Fault Line Theater
Dessert / Pinball Lisa / Angelina 6th and Penn
Stella Adler Conservatory of Los Angeles - Tim McNeil Technique / Method of Acting
D. Candis Paule On-Camera -Audition Technique
WCI Studios On-Camera - Audition Technique - Scene Study
Robert Wald Actor's Studio Advanced Film Acting - Cold Reading
Megan Foley, Casting Director Commercial Intensive
Beverly Bremers Voice over - Voice Acting
Carroll Schumacher Stage Combat - Stunt - Handling Firearms
Anne Theurillat Theater - Classic and Modern
Languages - (French, Italian, English), Voice Over-Accents - French (France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland), Italian, German, Arabic, African, Spanish, Characters), Strategic operations with US Marshal, SWAT Team, Police, Marines. Martial Arts - American Kung-Fu (Kenpo, White Tiger Kung-Fu, Aiki Jujutsu, Boxing, Wrestling), Horseback Riding (English & Western), Scuba Diving (Cert.), Swimming (Crawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke), Surfing, Precision Driving, Snow Skiing, Tennis, Ping Pong, Squash, Racket Ball, Zip-line, Rollerblading, Mountain Biking, Basketball, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Dancing (Dance, Latino). Waitress / Cocktail Server.
Drive manual & automatic cars, Excellent with animals, 1 of the loudest whistles, current passport.

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